Welcome to BordeRio Valdivia

The BordeRio Valdivia project began in 2002. The name was chosen as a result of finding a characteristic of the city to get brand recognition from guests who visit and experience the touristic accommodation service. Cabañas y Hostal BordeRio has SERNATUR's tourism quality seal.




Welcome to Hostal & Cabañas BordeRio Valdivia, located just a few short meters from Valdivia's main city square. It is a place which captivates with its elegant rooms, comfortable cabins and the tranquility you need to completely unwind. We hope to give you the personalized attention you deserve.

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Welcome to Casona BordeRio, set within the historic neighborhood of Valdivia. This hotel, with its unmistakable charm will transport you to the style and essence of the homes found in our city at the start of the last century. We hope to provide you with the homely comfort and charms that you deserve.

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